Adding Images to Wikis

You may think all you need to do to add an image to your wiki is right-click-copy and right-click-paste, but there's a bit more to it than that.

In this exercise, you will learn to
  • copy the image of a book cover from the Pima County Public Library
  • upload this image to your wiki
  • post the image on your home page
  • use EasyBib to create a citation for your image
  • post this citation on your home page.

Step One:

Open another tab in your browser (you don't need to open another window, just another tab) to the PCPL by right-clicking on this hyperlink and selecting "Open Link in New Tab": Pima County Public Library

Step Two:

Do a search for your book, and choose an edition with the book cover picture you want to use.
Once you've found an appropriate picture, click on it until it is the only object in your browser window.
The URL for this picture should look something like this:
Copy the URL into your clipboard; you will need it later.

Step Three:

Right-click on the picture and select "Save Image As" from the menu.
Choose a temporary location (like the desktop) to save the image. (You'll need to go back and delete this file later.)
Be sure to remember where you save this file.

Step Four:

Open your wiki in another tab in your browser, and click on the "Edit" button so that you are in edit mode.
Place your cursor where you want your image to be, and then click on the button in the toolbar for "Insert Images and File."
(If you hold your mouse over each icon for a second or two, a mouse-over text will tell you what that button is for.)

Step Five:

A new little "Images & Files" window should open.
Click on the "Upload Files" tab, then click on the "Upload" button.
Browse to the place on your computer where you saved your file, and click on the "Open" button to upload it.

Step Six:

Now, to insert the image on your page, click on the "Insert Files" tab and locate the file you just uploaded.
Click on it, and *VOILA* it pops onto the page where your cursor had been.
To change the alignment, add a caption, or add a hyperlink, simply click on the image.
You'll see boundaries and corner and side points where you can grab the image to resize it; just be careful always to resize from the corners, not from the edges.

Step Seven:

You're not done yet! You still have to cite the source of your image. To do so, open another tab in your browser for EasyBib. Remember, you can right-click on this hyperlink and selecting "Open Link in New Tab": EasyBib
Select "Web site" as your source. Be sure that MLA 7 type is selected.

Step Eight:

Try pasting the URL that you copied from the library website into the "Enter Web Address" field.
See what happens when you click on the "Autcite!" button. It often doesn't work, so you may have to type in further information.

If the "Autocite!" doesn't produce a citation for you, you'll need to paste the URL below in the blue "Online" section under URL, along with the following additional information:
  • Under "Web Site Title" type in: Content Cafe
  • Under "Date Accessed" fill in the appropriate information for the day you found your image. (Or click the "Today" button to the right, and it will insert today's date.)
Click on the "Create Citation" button to generate the citation.

Step Nine:

Copy the entire citation (in the yellow box).
Go back to your wiki page -- where you are STILL in edit mode -- and go all the way to the bottom of the page.
Type in: List of Works Cited and underline these words.
Press Enter to go to the next line, and paste your citation.

Step Ten:

Click on the "Save" button, and admire your handiwork!