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Browsers (Firefox vs. Safari)

If you have a Mac use Firefox! Normally the pictures on your wiki page don't show up when your editing, if you use Safari. -Jake

Background Color for Entire Page

If you want to change the background, you need to start a new page. You can't copy and paste all your text into the new page. You have to retype. That is why you should only do this if you really want it. OK, [See Ms. Hunt's note below.] This is what to do.
1-create a new page and enter the title, press create
2- don't touch ANYTHING but the A button
3-change your background and font color to what you wish
4-change the alignment to center
5-click "apply style"
6- type your title in
7-to skip lines go to the end of the line before it and press "enter"
~Jeremy\[Ms. Hunt's addition to this tip:
If you have a lot of text you want to keep, copy and paste it into a formatting-free application like Notepad. (From the Start menu, choose "All Programs" then "Accessories" and "Notepad." This strips out all the formatting coding. Once you've created your new page with the background you want, you can copy the text from Notepad and paste it into your new page. Voila!

Pictures to the right of text

To make a picture with words on the side of it right click on the picture and click align left or right.

Easy Bib - A Great Way to Create a Bibliography!

EasyBib: the bibliography maker.

Changing the Color

If you want to change the color of you text to make it all look the same, don't worry about spinning the color wheel to find the exact color. You can just click on the color selector box, then type in the color that you want to use, like blue. It will choose one shade of blue so that way all your colors are the same.

Copying Fonts from Office

A really easy way to make easy fonts and sizes and colors is to write what you want in Open Office or Word and copy it. When you paste it into the page it will be better than the Wikispaces fonts. Word and Open Office are a lot easier to use when typing because the sizes use numbers and not percents.
- Keith ;D -

Opening New Tabs in Browser

Something I have noticed is that people open multiple browsers or close what their doing to get to a different page. Why? You can just open another tap by pressing for PC: Ctrl and T. For a Mac use the apple key and T.
-Robert B.

Slide Shows

It is really easy to make a slide show, but you have to be careful that the images you use in a slide show are not copyrighted and that you cite them.

First, Go to and follow the instructions to make a slide show. Then embed the slide show in your wiki by clicking on the widget icon (it looks like a T.V. in the toolbar), and then you copy and paste the URL as instructed.

You still have to cite the images you use for your slide show, or if you used media that you created yourself, you need to note that the images were created by you.

Note: Creating a slide show from images you did not create yourself does not constitute "original media" for grading purposes.
-Usman (as edited by Ms. H)