Fahrenheit 451

Friday Night Lights

Girl, Interrupted

Hunger Games Prd. 3

Hunger Games Prd. 4

The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe

Looking for Alaska


My Sister's Keeper

One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest


A Wrinkle in Time

Due Date
Mon., Nov. 28

Wed., Nov. 23

Thurs., Nov. 17
Add to Home Page:
  • First-hand assessment of suitability of book for junior high audience
  • What you know about bans and challenges to the book (use citations)
Add to Plot Page:
  • Personal Response
Discussion Due – Opinions and Information about Challenges
Thurs., Nov. 10
Plot Page:
  • Introduction
  • Conflict
  • Complications/Events
  • Subplots and Parallel Episodes
  • Climax
  • Resolution
  • Images that reflect the events or conflicts of the book, including proper attribution
Discussion Due – Social Implications
Thurs., Nov. 3
Setting Page:
  • Time period or era
  • General place or region
  • Explain how the setting affects the mood and tone of the book
  • Use descriptive language to describe time, place, mood, and tone
  • Several images that reflect the setting of the book, including proper attribution
Discussion Due – Plot
Thurs., Oct. 27
Character Page:
  • Describe each of the main characters
    • physically and psychologically
    • how their characters relate to the plot and what relationships they have to each other
    • what motivates each character
    • what was the author’s intent in creating each character
Discussion Due – Setting
Thurs., Oct. 20
Home Page:
  • Title, author, publisher, and publication date
  • Group members (first names only)
  • One image associated with the book, including proper attribution (e.g., book jacket from PCPL)
Discussion Due – Character
Mon., Oct. 16
Accept Invite to Wiki
Discussion Due – Introduction
Wiki Discussion: Introduction
Post an introduction / check-in and suggest a reading schedule, completion date, or pace for reading. Write in complete sentences with language, spelling, grammar, and mechanics that are appropriate to a world-wide audience.
Wiki Discussion: Characters:
Describe in detail (100+ words) a character, based upon the thoughts, words, and actions of the character, the narrator's description, and other characters. You may not respond with a description of a character who has been described by a group member who posted before you.
Wiki Discussion: Setting
Describe in detail (100+ words) the setting of your book. Plan and type your description in Word or another text editing program, then copy & paste it into the reply box for this discussion. Remember that setting is both TIME and PLACE. Use as many vivid sensory details as you can. BE CAREFUL TO WRITE AND POST YOUR OWN DESCRIPTION, NOT A VARIATION OR COPY OF SOMEONE ELSE’S DESCRIPTION.
Wiki Discussion: Plot
By now you should have finished (or very far into) reading your book. To get you discussing the plot of your book, write about:
(1) What you think is the primary conflict in the book,
(2) at what point that conflict comes to a climax, and
(3) how that conflict is resolved (or not).
Wiki Discussion: Social Implications
In 100 or more words, state your opinion about inclusion of this book in public and school libraries and as part of school curricula. Consider age appropriateness, as well as both literary and social worth. Also consider whether and for what ages you believe this book should be (a) accessible and/or (b) required reading.
Wiki Discussion: Social Implications
In 50 or more words, discuss challenges and bans on this book that you know of. Share URLs of websites where you found information with your group member).